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The Art of Human Hacking – Join us for Free Breakfast Event 11/19

The Art of Human Hacking

If you in Ankara do not miss out the Free BreakFast Event and exclusive Book Signing event for my brand new books:

  • The Art of Human Hacking
  • Getting Started with Cybersecurity

I will also deliver a session about Phishing Attacks right after Keepnet Labs Turkey Country Manager Erdnic

We are looking forward to seeing you there


When : 18 November 2019

Where: Barbarsos Mah Bulten Cad , Ankara Turkey

For more evets :


About Keepnet Labs

Due inadequate security measures, organisations are facing an increased risk of phishing attacks and ransomware in the near future.

These attacks and lapses in data security create reputation loss, material damage and serious time loss for institutions. Thus, anti-phishing solutions have become one of the most important priorities for many institutions.

Spear Phishing has also become one of the most harmful attack types, which result in serious data breaches.

According to researchers, in 2017:

  • 95% of successful attacks on corporations are based on phishing emails!
  • 97% of people don’t notice a complicated phishing email
  • Only 3% of those who notice phishing emails inform management
  • Cybercrimes and data leakage are projected to cost organisations 2.1 trillion dollars in 2019

Our cybersecurity experience and anti-phishing solutions are based on our extensive experience in critical sectors, such as finance, energy, government agencies. We use this experience, together with hundreds of penetration tests, forensics and incident responses to anticipate and combat security risks.

Most institutions assume technology is an adequate remedy to eliminate cyber threats. In fact, people and processes are integral to a strong defensive posture.

Keepnet Labs is a phishing defence platform that provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology to reduce breaches and data loss and presents anti-phishing solutions.

Keepnet Labs uses threat simulation and threat intelligence to unleash real risks that affect users for the “first-line-of-defence technology”, which is against email-origin malware — especially phishing attacks — and allows them to take preventive action against threats.

When technology investments are inadequate to counteract cyber attacks, the human factor is considered the most effective means of security and data defence. With phishing simulation, online training and incident response features, Keepnet Labs transforms users into proactive agents who can actively identify and fight against cyber attacks.

Because cyber attacks are carried out with human intelligence, combating it with human intelligence is the most realistic solution.

Firms divided into dozens of departments generate difficulties, and the problems of integrating separate departments with one another lead to a delay in cyber attacks awareness and blocking.

It’s difficult for organisations to measure the real benefits of investing in human-based cybersecurity — and as long as there isn’t any damage — firms fall into an artificial sense of confidence.

Keepnet Labs fixes these issues with the “process solution”, which enables companies to their own security processes and execute them — as well as create real-time development charts, monitor compliance with standards and live this life cycle.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop and utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing for phishing and malicious attachments that spread via email. Cybercriminals typically use attack methods such as social engineering rather than complicated hacking tools.

Keepnet Labs’ AI helps identify and detect phishing attacks and other malicious attachments early for increased data protection. Further, AI for data analysis is important for combating phishing when compared to classic anti-phishing approaches.

We use AI to detect domain names that imitate domain names of the branding of an organisation.

If you analyse a website with a logo of the bank you trust, you don’t suspect anything at all. However, a quick glance at the address can indicate that this is a phishing website. Keepnet Labs identifies descriptive features used as indicators for a website to be either phishing or legitimate, such as URL structure, website body, etc.

We use AI to develop a personalised training flow. With phishing simulation, training, suspicious email reporting and threat intelligence values, we recommend specialised awareness content.

Keepnet Labs’ competitive advantage is its holistic approach and multi-layered security modules.

Our second competitive advantage is cost-efficiency. With Keepnet Labs’ being the sole player, we present multi-faceted, reliable security solutions at a nominal cost. While maintaining this high standard of quality and creating an umbrella of comprehensive data protection solutions, Keepnet Labs also provides the same services featured by its major competitors.

Keepnet Labs is available as an on-premise solution as well as cloud-based services.

This is a critical feature if your organisation prohibits sending data or personal information to the cloud. All activity is handled within your network infrastructure, and Keepnet updates itself every 2 minutes to ensure it’s always current to known threats.

Moreover, our on-premise version can integrate with your Active Directory to allow you to keep user lists, groups and departments up-to-date automatically. Active Directory integration also facilitates additional phishing campaign benefits such as cross-checking submitted user passwords to phishing simulations against the active directory record on the fly.

With our on-premise version, all activity on the Keepnet platform is automatically sent to your SIEM allowing you to track abuses in real time.

This module is developed to ensure users have the right training modules to change their behaviour as well as organisations overcome cyber threats. Keepnet Labs focuses on making users ready to do the right thing at the right time with precision.

Awareness educator modules are upgraded on a regular basis to make certain that best practices on cybersecurity awareness training are conducted. Below are some examples of contents.

What Keepnet Labs has

  • 24 html5 based interactive training
  • 2 exams for each training, 48~ total
  • 12 different animated videos
  • 2 posters for each training subject, 48~ posters total
  • 1 tip sheets for each training subject, 25~ tip sheets total
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • The social media plan for your organization

The key differences between Keepnet Labs’ education & test module;

  • Scores metrics for the users,
  • Display which trainings and exams the user has completed and what is the success status.
  • Have department and company-specific report card
  • Display how many phishing campaigns have been assigned to the user and what is the success status.
  • Display the status of the user compared to the average of the company.

The key differences of Keepnet Labs’ Awareness Educator

  • On-demand Cyber-security awareness training
  • Automated in response to a failed Phishing Simulation
  • Comprehensive training content covering all current threat
  • Different learning styles
  • Serious gaming integration
  • Granular reporting for total visibility