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Train your Threat Hunting Skills

One of my best friends, my partner in conferences, books, family friend Milad Aslaner wrote a great PowerShell simulation which can help you train your Threat Hunting skills. The good news is its completley FREE , below are the details and download link : Introduction ThreatHunt is a simple PowerShell repository that allows you to train your threat hunting skills. [...]

Understanding the cost of a cybersecurity attack: The losses organizations face

http://qualitytechnews.com/understanding-the-cost-of-a-cybersecurity-attack-the-losses-organizations-face-packt-hub/ The average cost of a cybersecurity attack has been increasing over time. The rewards to hackers in cyberheists have also been increasing, and this has been motivating them to come up with even better tools and techniques in order to allow them to steal more money and data. Several cybersecurity companies have listed their estimates for the average costs [...]

Learn Social Engineering : New Book

I am pleased to announce that my new book “Learn Social Engineering” has just been published. A book which covers #SocialEngineering from A to Z & contains case studies from the field, as well as expert opinions. I would like to thank all the experts who have contributed in the book : https://www.packtpub.com/networking-and-servers/learn-social-engineering   Troy Hunt creator of haveibeenpwned.com Jonathan Trull Microsoft's Global Chief [...]

Milad Aslaner – Windows Defender, Microsoft

I have been working with Erdal in various of projects and have presented with him at global IT conferences. He has deep architectural and technical knowledge on Cybercrime, Security as well as IT operations. His soft skills are remarkable and showcase great team spirit and cross-group collaboration. Milad Aslaner - Senior Program Manager - Windows Defender, Microsoft

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