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Experts of Incident Response Age Cloud

Experts of Incident Response Age Cloud < 3

Experts of Incident Response Age Cloud Book As most of you are already aware , later this year I will release a brand new book which is called " Incident Response in the Age of Cloud" and like in many of my books I dedicate the last chapter to some world famous experts In this book I will have : Orin Thomas [...]

Cryptolocker and Incident Response Bir Saldırının Anatomisi: Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker and Incident Response – Free Webinar 3/6/21 :

Cryptolocker and Incident Response This webinar will be hosted by Turkeys biggest IT Community Cozum Park in Turkish Bir Saldırının Anatomisi: Cryptolocker Son zamanlarda COVID-19 pandemi salgını nedeniyle evden ve uzaktan çalışma zorunluluğuna en fazla sevinenler hiç şüphesiz siber saldırganlar oldu. Özellikle siber güvenlik konusunda gerekli ve yeterli önlemleri almayan KOBİ’lere saldıran siber korsanlar önce sistemlere sızdılar ve daha sonra sistemdeki [...]

International Cyber Warfare Erdal Ozkaya

International Cyber Warfare Conference

International Cyber Warfare Conference , proud to be awarded ! It was an honor speaking at The International Cyber Warfare Conference - #ICWC 2019 & receiving an appreciation award from the Minister of Technology and Defence.It was also a great honor to get the kudos for our Turkish Book from Ismail Demir SSB - Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / Presidency of Defence Industries International [...]

Siber Güvenlik Saldiri ve Savunma Stratejileri

Siber Güvenlik Saldiri ve Savunma Stratejileri – NEW B00K

Siber Güvenlik Saldiri ve Savunma Stratejileri I am happy to announce that after Korean now I have a book in Turkish, co-authored with Sükrü DURMAZ and Raif SARICA… To be honest , they deserve more then just THANK YOU , They have not just translated my sections but also helped me to understand the local IT Security problems even better Bir yıldan [...]