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The World CIO 200 Grand Finale -Azerbaijan

The World CIO 200 Grand Finale -Azerbaijan

I am thrilled to announce that I will be a speaker at the The World CIO 200 Grand Finale, the prestigious event that celebrates the achievements of the world’s top CIOs and CISOs

My session will focus on the Global CISO Forum, a platform for security leaders to collaborate and combat the threats posed by adversaries.

As CISOs, we need to collaborate with cybersecurity vendors to establish and maintain cyber transparency, and to urge them to be more accountable for their security features. The Global CISO Forum aims to make this a reality by fostering a network of security leaders who share best practices and insights.

When: September 17-19

Where: Baku Marriott Hotel Boulevard

The World CIO 200 Grand Finale is a three-day extravaganza that promises an unmatched experience for all attendees. With over 300 Top Minds in tech and business coming together, this NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE CIO Celebration will feature:

Why Baku Azerbaijan?

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is a vibrant and dynamic metropolis that bridges the gap between East and West. Known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and warm hospitality, Baku serves as the perfect backdrop for The World CIO 200 Grand Finale. Its blend of modernity and tradition offers participants an unforgettable experience while they engage in thought leadership, solution showcases, networking, and vendor-customer match-makings.

What to Expect at The Grand Finale

The World CIO 200 Grand Finale is a three-day extravaganza that promises an unmatched experience for all attendees. With over 300 Top Minds in tech and business coming together, this NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE CIO Celebration will feature:

Thought Leadership Sessions:

Engage in insightful discussions and presentations by some of the brightest minds in the industry. Learn about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities that technology leaders are facing in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Expert Workshops:

3-hours intensive peer to peer and hands-on sessions conducted by world renowned experts. Get certified and rank up your skills in the professional world.

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with like-minded professionals, forge new partnerships, and strengthen existing collaborations. The Grand Finale provides the perfect environment to build lasting relationships that can fuel growth and success.

Vendor-Customer Matchmakings:

Explore strategic partnerships with vendors and service providers that can drive your organization’s growth. This exclusive opportunity enables participants to find the right solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Cultural Extravaganza:

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of Azerbaijan through captivating performances and experiences. Discover the beauty of Baku’s landmarks and enjoy its world-class cuisine.


Carrying forward its legacy of the past five years, The World CIO 200 Roadshow 2023 is all set to raise curtains this September.

At The World CIO 200 Roadshow 2023 Grand Finale, CIOs from 36+ countries will Challenge the Legacies that were overthrown in the pandemic, Charter the policies for a new digital ecosystem, and Change the Policies and governance as the Catalyst. ‘Transformation through Change’ is at the heart of the roadshow this year that would gather global IT decision-makers and solution providers in a unique platform this year.

The Summit will build roadmaps for strategic decision-making and identify yardsticks that are the key drivers of growth in the digital world. While CIOs can pick on sessions to help them fast-track their growth, the solution providers can build their brand, present their solutions, and network with 500+ relevant C-level IT decision-makers who are flown in from over 36+ Countries.

Access of local CIOs for their contribution & designed to inform the content of the main event.

This is supplemented by post event networking session, and advisory boards. As experts in the market, the event shares insight and intelligence throughout the year with its community & celebrate the success of entire industry


Setting a global benchmark in 2018, The CIO 200 has been testified as one of the most objective-oriented events in terms of having all the right elements on the platform for spearheading the digital transformation champions.

Held under the umbrella of The Global CIO Forum, The CIO 200 is a multi-country CIO felicitation ceremony that recognizes the achievements of the ‘Digital leaders’ of today. The CIO 200 Awards is not a competition but a celebration of the amazing lives of the CIOs and their career span. After touring ten countries in 2018, the awards in 2019 would be going to 15 countries that include – UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, India, Atlanta, Pakistan, Canada, Singapore and South Africa.

The CIO 200 Awards is flavored with a one-of-its-kind segment ‘TechTALK’, where the  ICT industry’s leading solution providers share the dais with four key end-users discussing problems, opportunities, challenges and solutions in real life.

With the start in September, the roadshow will culminate in a 2-day gala event in UAE on December 9th and 10th with the unveiling of the second edition of The BOTS.

The World CIO 200 Summit is much more than just a gathering of 200 CIOs. It is a year-round hive of activity across the globe, dedicated to keeping its finger on the pulse of the sector and communication within the industry alive. The conversation never stops with exclusive invitation only country specific briefings, celebrating success.

World CIO 200 Summit USA Edition

This year the World CIO 200 Summit – USA edition will be held in New Jersey, USA. I am so excited to share with you some amazing news: I have been invited to speak at the event here in the USA as well as in Baku. Read more here

World CIO 200 Summit
World CIO 200 Summit

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