VMware error ” Unable to open kernel device “\\.\VMCIDev\VMX ” – S1mple & Effective

VMware error

VMware error ” Unable to open kernel device “\\.\VMCIDev\VMX ”


Are you getting the bellow error and don’t know how to move ahead, below is an easy fix for your problem

” Unable to open kernel device “\\.\VMCIDev\VMX” Module DevicePowerOn power on failed. ”

VMware error
VMware error


Steps to fox

1> Open your default VM’s location , in my case:

C:\Users\erdalo\Documents\Virtual Machines\Windows 10xEditing the cmx file

2> Find and edit  edit the .vmx file via simply open with Notepad

rename vmci0.present

3> Within the document find replace the ” vmci0.present = “TRUE” value with “false

Save the document

4> Save the document

5 > Your VM should boot as usual

VMware error


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