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White House in strengthening America’s cyber future!

White House in strengthening America’s cyber future!

As a Board Advisor for National Cyber Group, a company dedicated to building cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and services, I am proud to announce that National Cyber Group has joined the White House’s commitment to bolstering the nation’s cyber defenses and workforce for the future

As you may know, the White House recently released its “Preparing Our Country for a Cyber Future” initiative, outlining a comprehensive strategy to address the growing cybersecurity threats we face. I’m deeply impressed with the plan’s focus on building a robust cyber workforce, fostering innovation, and strengthening international partnerships.

National Cyber Group is perfectly positioned to contribute to this critical mission. With its team of cybersecurity experts and its commitment to developing advanced technologies, the company will play a key role in protecting our critical infrastructure, businesses, and citizens from cyberattacks.

In my role as Board Advisor, I’m excited to work alongside National Cyber Group’s leadership to help guide the company’s strategic direction and ensure its alignment with the White House’s vision. Together, we can make a real difference in securing our nation’s digital future.

I encourage you to learn more about the White House’s “Preparing Our Country for a Cyber Future” initiative and National Cyber Group’s innovative solutions. Let’s join forces to make cyberspace a safer and more secure place for everyone. Click here to read it on Whitehouse’s web site

To keep all Americans secure and boost the next generation of innovation in the U.S., we must drastically scale up the cyber workforce across the country.


The Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD) developed the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy (NCWES) to address this national security and economic imperative.  The NCWES meets President Biden’s call in the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS) for ONCD to develop a strategy to expand the national cyber workforce, increase its diversity, and expand access to cyber education and training. Implementation of the NCWES will expand opportunities nationwide for good-paying, middle-class jobs in cyber.

ONCD developed the NCWES in collaboration with 34 departments, agencies, and EOP components, and based on extensive input from hundreds of key external stakeholders.

Stakeholder Commitments

For the NCWES’ vision to be realized, no one actor in this space can alone achieve the change needed at scale, including government. This means all of us – government, academia, philanthropy, private sector hiring entities, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, international partners and more – must each see ourselves and our goals in this strategy, and take coordinated action accordingly.

The following organizations have made substantial announcements, commitments, or pledges to increase the number of Americans in good-paying, middle-class cyber jobs:

National Cyber Group (NCG)

NCG builds and delivers effective cyber security vocational training curricula by training in a hands-on environment through a hybrid of classroom and apprenticeships in a live, working Security Operations Center. NCG is committed to training 10,000 new entrants to the cyber security field by 2025. NCG engages and recruits students reflective of our nation and is committed to supporting a diverse and highly skilled cyber workforce. NCG supports veterans directly by offering cyber training scholarships so they may continue to serve in national security as they transition to the civilian cyber workforce. 

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NCG LinkedIn page

NCG Web site

Erdal in the news

“Building and maintaining a strong cyber workforce cannot be achieved unless a cybersecurity career is within reach for any capable American who wishes to pursue it and every organization with an unfilled position plays a part in training the next generation of cybersecurity talent.”


“The only way we can defend the digital systems that lay the foundation for our modern way of life is to be sure that every American and people from every community have a pathway into a cyber-based career.”



The NCWES aims to both equip all Americans with foundational cyber skills and increase access for all workers, regardless of college degree status, to good, meaningful jobs in cyber. There are hundreds of thousands of cyber jobs across the country that are available now and offer high earnings potential and the opportunity to protect our organizations, businesses, communities, and country.

If you are a worker, see the Worker Guidance Sheet for how you can explore these skills and jobs.


For educators, the NCWES supports instruction for skilled cyber workers and the teaching of foundational cyber skills to all Americans.  It supports educational models that encourage the development of skills-based alternatives to four-year degrees and the alignment of adaptive digital skills to continuously evolving industry needs.

If you are an educator, see the Educator Guidance Sheet and Higher ED Guidance Sheet.


For employers, the NCWES encourages cross-sector employment initiatives to expand and diversify the cyber workforce through skills-based hiring, training, and career development. 

If you are an employer, see the Employer Guidance Sheet for resources and actions you can take to expand and diversity your cyber workforce.


For government, the NCWES provides a roadmap for how government human resource processes, data sharing, and training requirements can lead to a highly skilled workforce at the cutting edge of cybersecurity and technological advancements. 

If you are a government entity, see the Government Guidance Sheet for resources and actions you can take to expand and diversify your cyber workforce.

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