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Amazon Review for Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies ( As of May 2019)

Amazon Review for Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies

This book is an easy read on a complex set of topics. Once I picked the book up, I could barely put it down. It really is a highly readable cyber reference for beginners and intermediate level technology professionals. I find it to be an excellent introduction to several aspects of cybersecurity.

The authors provide many helpful diagrams and explain what is going on in simple structured terms. I particularly enjoyed the red/blue contrasts for every use case. Its usually quite easy to find out about defensive postures, but to see so many attack strategies laid out in such a systematic way is quite refreshing.


Finally a cyber security book worth reading! This book is packed with excellent advice and a deep appreciation for the depth of the problems facing the practicing cyber security professional. Not only is the Red Team/Blue Team focus well done, but there is very good discussion of the Incident Response process per se.

Clark Gaylord

A must buy for anyone interesting in understanding how cyber attacks are completed. This book touches on many important topics that will just wet your appetite for future topics. It does not go into too much detail making it an relatively easy read. Highly recommended!


Excellent book 100%

Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense Strategies - Second Edition
Dr Erdal Ozkaya

armando cartagena

In the last days of my research on a special topic on cybersecurity, I have discovered a book which was published just in January in 2018. The book title is “Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies” by Erdal Ozkaya and Yuri Diogenes. This book talks about cybersecurity threats, attacks, incident respnse procedure, gives detailed information about attack scenarios and each stage of attacks, and also covers security policy topics.

On the other hand, the technical language of the book is very understandable with full of examples and good structure. This book was very useful for my research and punlishing my paper and will be very helpful to pass my international certificate exam on Incident Response. I recommend this book to all incident responders, penetration testers, network and system security engineers and others who are interested in deep technical topics on cyber security, or willing to start their career in this field.

Leyla Aliyeva

This is basically a ‘Cyber Security For Dummies’ handbook, not in the sense that it talks down to you but rather that it offers a comprehensive overview of the cyber security landscape. It is packed with easy to digest information and a plethora of references to further your knowledge of the subjects at hand. It doesn’t go into many technical practices, but gives great detail into the tools and concepts professionals in this field need to be aware of.


Amazing book about Cybersecurity. A must read for every who want to learn about cybersecurity. Walks you through the beginnings and gives you the latest insights about real threats in our ever changing IT world. Highly recommended.

Al Atahan

It is very important to see the panaromic view of the realm of cyber security. What are the possible strategies for defending your system? Here I found detailed yet clean answers. The authors melt their technical knowledge with organizational strategies which is unique in its way.

Yilmaz Degirmenci

Practical and well explained. A very useful book just the right approach for a pragmatic and actionable introduction. I recommend this book.


Great book. I enjoyed reading. I think this book appeals to both experts in the field as well as those who want to learn more about cybersecurity. There is enough technical detail, yet enjoyable read.

Amazon Customer

An Excellent Cybersecurity Resource I found this to be a very good book on Cybersecurity. This book is very readable and one that I will likely refer back to often. The authors provide excellent resources, tools and websites to refer to for further study.


One of the Great Books of this era Well structured and informative!!!


Five Stars One of the best books I’ve read in security. I would definitely recommend it
hakan uzuner

Great Book This book is a very comprehensive book and goes into good detail about Cyber Security. I highly recommend this book.
Mustafa Kalkanlı

An informative, practical and brilliant reference book! A must read to understand more on numerous topics of cybersecurity and addressing different attack and defense scenarios in the real world

Wei H Lim

Amazing Amazing book definitely would recommend anyone into cyber security to read it!

Counter modern threats and employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques to protect your organization against cybercriminals

I am extremely proud to announce that our Award winning and best selling book Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies, has now its second edition., which is updated and revised based on the bestselling guide to of our original book. This version has more then 300 pages of new content which is designed yo help you developing defense strategies against the latest threats to cybersecurity.

You can order our book from:

Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense Strategies - Second Edition

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More info about our book :

Key Features

  • Covers the latest security threats and defense strategies for 2020
  • Introduces techniques and skillsets required to conduct threat hunting and deal with a system breach
  • Provides new information on Cloud Security Posture Management, Microsoft Azure Threat Protection, Zero Trust Network strategies, Nation State attacks, the use of Azure Sentinel as a cloud-based SIEM for logging and investigation, and much more

Book Description

Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies, Second Edition is a completely revised new edition of the bestselling book, covering the very latest security threats and defense mechanisms including a detailed overview of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and an assessment of the current threat landscape, with additional focus on new IoT threats and cryptomining.

Cybersecurity starts with the basics that organizations need to know to maintain a secure posture against outside threat and design a robust cybersecurity program. It takes you into the mindset of a Threat Actor to help you better understand the motivation and the steps of performing an actual attack – the Cybersecurity kill chain. You will gain hands-on experience in implementing cybersecurity using new techniques in reconnaissance and chasing a user’s identity that will enable you to discover how a system is compromised, and identify and then exploit the vulnerabilities in your own system.

This book also focuses on defense strategies to enhance the security of a system. You will also discover in-depth tools, including Azure Sentinel, to ensure there are security controls in each network layer, and how to carry out the recovery process of a compromised system.

What you will learn

  • The importance of having a solid foundation for your security posture
  • Use cyber security kill chain to understand the attack strategy
  • Boost your organization’s cyber resilience by improving your security policies, hardening your network, implementing active sensors, and leveraging threat intelligence
  • Utilize the latest defense tools, including Azure Sentinel and Zero Trust Network strategy
  • Identify different types of cyberattacks, such as SQL injection, malware and social engineering threats such as phishing emails
  • Perform an incident investigation using Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the disaster recovery process
  • Understand how to consistently monitor security and implement a vulnerability management strategy for on-premises and hybrid cloud
  • Learn how to perform log analysis using the cloud to identify suspicious activities, including logs from Amazon Web Services and Azure

Book Reviews

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Who This Book Is For

For the IT professional venturing into the IT security domain, IT pentesters, security consultants, or those looking to perform ethical hacking. Prior knowledge of penetration testing is beneficial.

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