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Standard Chartered’s Dr Erdal 0zkaya to share top insights at ‘Beyond the Perimeter’ Free webinar

Beyond the Perimeter, together with Cloudflare, is hosting a webinar titled, ‘Beyond the Perimeter: Securing Fragmented Environments with Zero Trust’, which will air on 23rd March.

Dr Erdal Ozkaya is a solutions-focused professional with a comprehensive global background on information technology, cybersecurity and more.

He is also known as a collaborative team leader with key areas of expertise spanning end-to-end IT solutions, data management, communications, and innovation.

He is currently the Regional CISO for Standard Chartered, which is one of the world’s leading multinational banking and financial services organisation.

Dr Ozkaya will join an exclusive webinar titled, ‘Beyond the Perimeter: Securing Fragmented Environments with Zero Trust.’

Organised by, together with Cloudflare, the webinar will air on 23rd March 2021 at 12:00PM (GST) and will delve into how implementing a Zero Trust framework can bolster network security strategies and enable cyber resilience.

The virtual event will feature regional thought leaders who will share their expertise on how enterprises today can build a robust Zero Trust strategy that will future-proof their network and security strategies.

Dr Ozkaya is known to be passionate about reaching communities, creating cyber awareness campaigns, leveraging new and innovative approaches and technologies to holistically address the information security and privacy needs for every person and organisation.

In addition, he is an award winning a public speaker and renowned technical. He has co-authored many cybersecurity books as well as security certification course-ware and exams for prestigious organisations such as Microsoft, EC Council and other expert-level vendors.

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