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What is Zero Trust Network

Zero Trust Network Security

Zero Trust Network Security If you remember later 90's early 2000's everything was based on "default allow" , which was abused  easily by Threat actors as it was working based on allowing unknown files and apps to access enterprises ; we still see many organizations or individuals getting effected by cyber attacks. This is how Zero Trust started to get attraction....

Zero Trust Erdal Ozkaya

Why you need to put your trust on Zero Trust ! Learn 4 Free

Why you need to put your trust on Zero Trust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aULM8cL_ok4   To watch the Video in You Tube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aULM8cL_ok4 Video Training : Implementing ‘Zero Trust’: A CISO’s Journey https://www.erdalozkaya.com/implementing-zero-trust/ (more…)

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Zero Trust Erdal Ozkaya

Beyond the Perimeter: Why enterprises need to embrace Zero Trust Free Webinar :

Beyond the Perimeter: Why enterprises need to embrace Zero Trust ITP.net, together with global network performance and security firm Cloudflare, is hosting the ‘Beyond the Perimeter: Securing Fragmented Environments with Zero Trust’ webinar When : 23-03-21 12 PM (GMT+4) Registration Beyond the Perimeter: Why enterprises need to embrace Zero Trust | Events | ITP.net For more evets : https://www.erdalozkaya.com/category/free-events/ (more…)

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Beyond the Perimeter Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Standard Chartered’s Dr Erdal 0zkaya to share top insights at ‘Beyond the Perimeter’ Free webinar

Beyond the Perimeter ITP.net, together with Cloudflare, is hosting a webinar titled, ‘Beyond the Perimeter: Securing Fragmented Environments with Zero Trust’, which will air on 23rd March. Dr Erdal Ozkaya is a solutions-focused professional with a comprehensive global background on information technology, cybersecurity and more. He is also known as a collaborative team leader with key areas of expertise spanning end-to-end IT solutions,...

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FutureSec Summit Saudi Arabia by Khaleej Times – Free 0nline Event

FutureSec Summit Saudi Arabia by Khaleej Times -Free 0nline Event The growth of the digital world has opened business opportunities for numerous companies and individuals which encapsulated the digital economy to unscrupulous hackers and cyber-attacks. In the last 10 years cybercrime has incited businesses of varying sizes in nearly every industry. Network attacks, data security, and network breaches has grown exponentially. As...

Erdal Ozkaya

Cloud Alliance Cybersecurity Interview – watch 4 free

Cloud Alliance Cybersecurity Interview with Dr Ozkaya In this interview we talked all about The Cloud, Cybersecurity and tip and tricks on being more secure . Watch in YouTube : https://youtu.be/spX7FnApVEs Cloud Alliance Cybersecurity interview with Erdal Ozkaya https://youtu.be/ZX7nO-rvRbE (more…)

Implementing Zero Trust

Implementing Zero Trust : A CISO’s Journey – Free Video Training 2

Implementing Zero Trust The biggest challenge for practitioners today is to enable greater flexibility for a remote workforce while being fully compliant and secure. The 'Zero Trust' model can play a critical role, but implementing it is a daunting task, and there's no "one size fits all" approach to making the transition to a 'Zero Trust' architecture. This session provides a...



CYBERSECURITY SUMMIT MIDDLE EAST Rising security breaches and sophisticated cyberattacks across enterprises and critical industries in the Middle East and the governments’ stringent regulations drive the need for new technologies and frameworks, with widespread COVID-19 pandemic. Middle East organizations are now supporting a 100% remote workforce and embracing cloud, mobile, and edge computing. The increased adoption of ‘Cloud’ and its inherent challenges...

Essential Components of a Zero Trust Erdal Ozkaya

Essential Components of a Zero Trust Architecture : Free VIDE0

Essential Components of a Zero Trust The key components of an effective "zero trust" architecture include multifactor authentication, network segmentation, and a defense-in-depth approach, says Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, regional CISO and managing director at Standard Chartered Bank.  You can watch the view interview with we did with Information Security Media Group: Video Training : Essential Components of a 'Zero Trust' Architecture https://youtu.be/pxWEf8HcNTc   "In a...