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Cyber Camp Baku

Cyber Camp Baku

Today Cybersecurity is a top career  not just for adults but also for today’s teens to consider. Often its very hard  to find information about what cyber professionals actually do or how to become one especially for the teens.
Because of this reason the Azerbaijan Government has created  Cyber Camps for Teens, to share foundational information about cyber concepts and careers, and to inspire more young people to become our future colleagues.
And I am very proud to participate in this intuitive as lecture and Author. All students will get a complimentary copy of my “Getting Started in Cybersecurity ” book  sponsored by Comodo and Keepnet Lab‘s and 5 of them also will get Cybersecurity : The beginners Guide .
When : 12-17 July 2021 Baku
Registration : Is Invite only

More About Cybersecurity : The beginners Guide

Cybersecurity: The Beginner’s Guide

It’s not a secret that there is a huge talent gap in the cybersecurity industry. Everyone is talking about it including the prestigious Forbes Magazine, Tech Republic, CSO Online, DarkReading, and SC Magazine, among many others. Additionally, Fortune CEO’s like Satya Nadella, McAfee’s CEO Chris Young, Cisco’s CIO Colin Seward along with organizations like ISSA, research firms like Gartner too shine light on it from time to time.

This book put together all the possible information with regards to cybersecurity, why you should choose it, the need for cybersecurity and how can you be part of it and fill the cybersecurity talent gap bit by bit. Starting with the essential understanding of security and its needs, we will move to the security domain changes and how artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping to secure systems.

Later, this book will walk you through all the skills and tools that everyone who wants to work as a security personal needs to be aware of. Then, this book will teach readers how to think like an attacker and explore some advanced security methodologies. Lastly, this book will dive deep into how to build practice labs, explore real-world use cases, and get acquainted with various security certifications.

By the end of this book, readers will be well-versed with the security domain and will be capable of making the right choices in the cybersecurity field

Things you will learn

  • Get an overview of what cybersecurity is, learn about the different faces of cybersecurity and identify the domain that suits you best
  • Plan your transition into cybersecurity in an efficient and effective way
  • Learn how to build upon your existing skills and experience in order to prepare for your career in cybersecurity
  • More info 

More About Getting Started in Cybersecurity

Getting Started in Cybersecurity by Dr Erdal Ozkaya
Getting Started in Cybersecurity by Dr Erdal Ozkaya

This book is a guide for you on everything you should know about cybersecurity. The book helps you understand what cyber security is, and the various ways organizations and governments can stay safe from cyber-attacks. Implementing application security is a major approach to countering cyber-attacks. This is the security organizations’ and governments’ implement on the hardware and software components they are using.

The various ways to implement this kind of security are discussed in this book. Information should also be protected against cyber-attacks. The protection of information should be geared towards achieving confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The various ways to achieve these are explored. Computer networks should also be secured so that attacks from network intruders can be thwarted. This requires the use of multiple approaches.

These approaches have been explored in this book. Organizations and governments may be attacked by cybercriminals. Such attacks can cripple the operations of the organization or the government.

There is a way for these parties to ensure that they have implemented recovery mechanisms, or ensure that their operations will keep on running despite such attacks. This book explores this in details and how to achieve it. States should also stay protected against cyberwar.

  • You will learn how to defining cybersecurity
  • Familiar your self with available tools and how you can use them
  • Improving your cyber defense skills
  • Protecting your personal stuff
  • Learn the current cybersecurity landscape
  • Learn how  to handle a breach for beginners
  • Tips for planning ahead of your cyber career
  • Careers in cybersecurity

“Learn the Basics of Cyber Security, Threat Management, Cyber Warfare Concepts and Executive-Level Policies”


To get yourself a copy of the book :

Amazon: Order here

Google Books Order here

Packt Publishing: Order here

About Cyber Camp


CyberCamp’s training provides a wide knowledge base and a set of powerful tools for each learner, enabling graduates to start functioning in a variety of junior security positions. Through building a personal lab and practicing tens of real-world challenges during the course, learners will acquire invaluable skills to give them a strong base for becoming distinguished security professionals, delivering unmatched value to corporations that employ them.


All courses give learners access to our interactive, hands-on online training platform which provides real-life simulations, enabling learners to hone their skills using state-of-the-art challenges. The platform also includes tens of videos and hundreds of resources.

CyberCamp Challenge Zone

Timed security challenges – gaining access to a network, exploiting a vulnerability, or defending an endpoint.

Real-world Projects

Build a real-world security program – an IDS/IPS, Advanced Port Scanner, Vulnerability Scanner, or a Password Cracker.

Cyber Camp Baku