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DX Inspire Award – 2022 Better together

DX Inspire Award

I am extremely honored to announce that Global CISO Forum has awarded me with the prestigious DX Inspire Awards for my contributions to the Cybersecurity and CISO Community.

I am earnestly grateful for the recognition and thank the Inspire Commitee for selecting me. I always love to be part of communities as I honestly believe we can achieve much more together. This is my passion and getting rewarded for what I love of course makes me proud and happy.

I am thankful to the Global CISO Forum team, the judges as well as my family for their unconditional support.

Better together

Dr Erdal Ozkaya

About DX Inspire Awards?

The award recognizes path-breaking individuals who redefine helping the community unconditionally.

What does it take to be a leader in the AWARDS hyper-competitive Digital World?

About the Committee

The INSPIRE Committee aims to create a bench of exception leaders in the field of technology and transformation who have a forward-thinking and cognitive approach to modern business and who are the early advocates of change.

As the valuable committee members, the 7 pillars or ambassadors of the committee will be together shouldering a shared responsibility of propagating the concept of the

7 disciplines – Innovation, Network, Services, People/Processes, Readiness and Excellence – through various thought leadership pieces, social voicing and a unified yet tailored viewpoints to these
segments from the inception to the conclusion of the tour.

About Global CISO Forum

The Global CISO Forum was launched on 26 May during GEC Media’s Security Symposium 2021.
Global CISO Forum community aims to unite security leaders across the globe, who are active in, or interested in security policy, technology, standards, certification, success story and programs to accelerate the thoughtful adoption of security best practices across regional as well as global level.
The vision of the forum is as follows:
  • Building an effective cyber security culture
  • Securing the support of individual execs will help to build momentum behind cultivating a cyber security culture
  • Addressing the challenges of building a security team
  • Strategizing staffing based on models, budget, and organization goals
  • Identifying talent gaps
  • Knowledge through success stories
  • Industry specific insights and sharing of best practices

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Cybersecurity Leadership

Cyber security leaders need both technical knowledge and management skills to gain the respect of technical team members, understand what technical staff are actually doing, and appropriately plan and manage security projects and initiatives. (SANS)

Enterprise security isn’t just the responsibility of an organization’s cybersecurity professionals. Keeping the business secure requires input from all levels of leadership. Managers need technical knowledge as well as traditional management skills to be effective leaders for their infosec teams.

Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified

A comprehensive guide to becoming a world-class modern cybersecurity leader and global CISO. To read more, click here 

Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified
Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified