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Embrace Digital Transformation – Free Webinar Recording -22

Embrace Digital Transformation

Why Dynamic Businesses Should Embrace Digital Transformation

There is no “one-size-fits-all” transformation manual when it comes to changing the way we do business, and never will be. In this dynamically changing environment, hybrid multicloud architectures offer flexibility and scalability, and an answer to the challenges faced by evolving IT infrastructures in companies of all sizes.

Equinix and guest speakers from Fastrack Technology and Comodo will discuss the challenges faced by fast-growing companies like yours in implementing hybrid multicloud architectures, how to overcome them, and be a truly dynamic business in a hybrid age.

Learning Objectives:

  • Critical lessons for hybrid multicloud architecture
  • The tradeoffs between speed, cost and security when implementing solutions
  • Success stories of fast-growing organizations implementing hybrid models
  • Cloud Security

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Dr Erdal Ozkaya , Comodo

Dr Erdal Ozkaya is a leading Cybersecurity Professional with business development, management, and academic skills who focuses on securing the Cyber Space and sharing his real-life skills as Speaker, Lecturer and Author.

He is known to be passionate about reaching communities, creating cyber aware campaigns, leveraging new and innovative approaches and technologies to holistically address the information security and privacy needs for every person and organization in the world.

Erdal is an award-winning technical expert and speaker; his recent awards are: Global Future Security Leader, Super Hero CISO (2020), Cyber Security Professional of the year MEA , Hall of Fame by CISO Magazine , Cybersecurity Influencer of the year (2019) ,Microsoft Circle of Excellence Platinum Club (2017), NATO Center of Excellence (2016), Security Professional of the year by MEA Channel Magazine (2015), Professional of the year Sydney (2014) and many speaker of the year awards in conferences.

He also holds Global Instructor of the year awards from EC Council and Microsoft. Erdal is also a part-time lecturer at Australian Charles Sturt University. He has coauthored many cybersecurity books as well as security certification courseware and exams for different vendors.

Yoni Kirsh , Fastrack Technology

As the founder and managing director of Fastrack Technology, Yoni Kirsh has extensive experience in solution design, architecture, leadership and above all else, problem solving. Throughout his career designing, deploying and maintaining some of the most complex and demanding IT infrastructure solutions, both in Australia and abroad, the skills and capabilities Yoni has developed have earned him numerous speaking slots at the some of the biggest technical conferences and events around the globe – and as the holder of a commercial pilots license, he’s often found flying himself (and his team) wherever required.

With Fastrack Technology’s mission of being a global leader in datacentres, networks and collaboration technology, Yoni is instrumental in delivering solutions that stand above the competition – by providing deep insights, exceptional speed of delivery and allowing customers to take back control of their IT infrastructure.

Moderator : Philip May , EQUINIX

Philip May is a Senior Global Solutions Architect at Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company specializing in interconnection and facilitation of digital transformation.

With 23 years of IT, Telecommunications, Data center and cloud platform technologies experience. During his tenure within Equinix, Metronode, Nextgen Networks, as well as with TPG, Soul Telecommunications & People Telecom – Phil has held a number of technical and sales team roles, developing functional and technical solutions for clients. He has been responsible for a range of presales engagements across multiple technical disciplines for a number of state & federal government agencies as well as corporate and enterprise clients.

Phil has been essential for the accurate capturing of pre and post-sales client engagements, competitive analysis, cost estimations and developing detailed technical statements of works. He has created winnable solutions in long haul telecommunications, modern and efficient data center deployments, hybrid multi-cloud and the transformational & workload migrations for clients onto scalable digital platforms across industry verticals such as; insurance, healthcare, state and federal government agencies, banking, broadcast media and resources clients – mining, oil & gas.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security