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Global CISO Forum -Community which is better together

Global CISO Forum

The Global CISO Forum was launched on 26 May during GEC Media’s Security Symposium 2021. Anushree Dixit, Global Head Content & Strategic Alliances, GEC Media Group announced the launch of the forum. Dr Erdal Ozkaya, Management Member of Global CISO Forum gave a live overview of the Forum.
Global CISO Forum community aims to unite security leaders across the globe, who are active in, or interested in security policy, technology, standards, certification, success story and programs to accelerate the thoughtful adoption of security best practices across regional as well as global level.
The vision of the forum is as follows:
  • Building an effective cyber security culture
  • Securing the support of individual execs will help to build momentum behind cultivating a cyber security culture
  • Addressing the challenges of building a security team
  • Strategising staffing based on models, budget, and organisation goals
  • Identifying talent gaps
  • Knowledge through success stories
  • Industry specific insights and sharing of best practices
Dr Ozkaya said the forum is built for the cybersecurity community to help them network and collaborate. “We are better together,” he said while giving an overview of the forum. He also took the audience through a tour of the website.

Launch of Global CISO Forum announced during GEC Security Symposium

Global CISO Forum Launch by Dr Erdal Ozkaya
Global CISO Forum Launch by Dr Erdal Ozkaya

About Global CISO Forum OUR MISSION

Bringing the Cybersecurity Community together, to help each other and network

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CISO Definition 
The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) requires a combination of technical and soft skills, such as business acumen, leadership, communications and relationship building. Additionally, CISOs must adopt a continuous approach to learning and up-skilling in order to maintain pace with the cyber threat landscape and new technologies. It is expected that CISOs show innovation and imagination in conceiving and delivering cyber security strategies for their organisations.
CISO Responsibilities: 
  • A CISO is appointed to provide cyber security leadership and guidance for their organisation.
  • The CISO within an organisation is typically responsible for providing strategic-level guidance for their organisation’s cyber security program and ensuring compliance with cyber security policy, standards, regulations and legislation. They are likely to work with a Chief Security Officer, a Chief Information Officer and other senior executives within their organisation.
  • The CISO oversees their organisation’s cyber security program and ensures their organisation’s compliance with cyber security policy, standards, regulations and legislation.
  • The CISO regularly reviews and updates their organisation’s cyber security program to ensure its relevance in addressing cyber threats and harnessing business and cyber security opportunities.
  • The CISO implements cyber security measurement metrics and key performance indicators for their organisation.
  • The CISO coordinates cyber security and business alignment through a cyber security steering committee or advisory board, comprising of key business and ICT executives, which meets formally and on a regular basis.
  • The CISO coordinates security risk management activities between cyber security and business teams
  • Overseeing incident response activities
  • Contributing to business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Developing a cyber security communications strategy
  • Working with suppliers and service providers
  • Receiving and managing a dedicated cyber security budget
  • Overseeing cyber security personnel
  • Overseeing cyber security awareness raising
Global CISO Forum -Community who is better together 2021