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5 reasons why IT Pros should consider Windows Intune

5 reasons why IT Pros should consider Windows Intune

The Windows Intune cloud service helps you centrally manage and secure your PCs through a simple web-based console. No matter if your IT staff or end users are in the main office, at a branch office, or on the road, domain or non-domained joined, Windows Intune will provide the functionality you need. Here are 5 reasons why IT pros should consider using Windows Intune

  1. Windows Intune is a subscription based service with a easy-to-use web-based console; you get immediate insight into your PC environment and can view updates, Forefront status, alerts, security policies, and more. You just need to sign up to the Windows Intune service, have an Internet connection and the Windows Intune client installed on each PC you wish to manage. It’s easy as 1-2-3.
  2. It has the benefits of “The Cloud”. With Windows Intune you don’t need to build and maintain a server infrastructure. This means you are not going to need to worry about needing to purchase server hardware, have the right OS licenses, install and configure each server, and on top of all that, design a secure infrastructure. All you need, is a browser.
  3. Windows Intune has EndPoint protection. Endpoint Protection helps enhance the security of managed computers in your organization by providing real-time protection against potential threats. This ensures keeping malicious software, or malware, definitions up-to-date; and automatically running scans. For ease and centralization of computer management, Windows Intune includes a policy template with Endpoint Protection Agent settings so that you can create a policy and deploy it to multiple computers. This can be done across multiple PC’s in any location, worldwide, in seconds.
  4. Take advantage of having the upgrade rights to go to Windows 7 Enterprise with Volume Licensing and Software Assurance. If you are still using Windows XP in your environments (Professional) or Vista (Professional, Business and Ultimate) this is a perfect, cost effective, opportunity to move to Windows 7 Enterprise.
  5. Support your users easily with Microsoft Easy Assist. Windows Intune comes up with free Remote Assistance software, which will enable you to resolve PC issues, regardless of where you or your users are located. You don’t have to spend money to any 3th party remote assistance software or worry about a secure VPN connection anymore.

You get all of this plus much more tools features like software and hardware inventory tracking, the ability to set up security policies, get enhanced reports based on updates, malware status, licensing and much much more.

I wanted to highlight the top 5 features of Windows Intune which helped make my IT pro life much easier..

IT Pros should consider Windows Intune
IT Pros should consider Windows Intune

To learn more or to get a free 30 day 25 machine trial, visit the Windows Intune Zone on Springboard or the Windows Intune product page.

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