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Microsoft Certified Trainer – 15 awesome years and counting

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

And today is my 15th year as Microsoft Certified Trainer or MCT , a very long journey indeed.

Delivered classes in 5 continents to more then 2000 students, some a full time MCT in many training centers , some as part of my job at  Microsoft, some as volunteer at the Bank ( Standard Chartered Bank )

Even though these days I don’t have the time to deliver classes as full time trainer, I am utilizing my knowledge to help Microsoft Learning to create new content and exams

I am looking forward to my 2oth years anniversary ..

Better Together


Microsoft Certified Trainer

MCT Erdal Ozkaya


Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. Join this exclusive group of worldwide Microsoft technical training professionals and reap the benefits of MCT training certification and membership.

You will get exclusive benefits as an MCT including access to the complete library of official Microsoft training and certification products, substantial discounts on exams, books, and Microsoft products.

In addition, you will be able to use Microsoft readiness resources to help you enhance your training career and engage with other MCT members in an online community forum. You will also receive invitations to exclusive Microsoft and local MCT community events.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you need to earn a Microsoft Certification, validating your experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions for each course you deliver.

The Microsoft Certified Trainer program is an annual membership program. You must meet program requirements, complete an online application, and pay an annual fee to renew your training certification for the coming year.

MCT Program Benefits

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you will gain access to a personalized dashboard, where you can find a wide variety of useful MCT resources, download your MCT certificate, and view discounts available to you!

In addition, you will have access to MCT Central, which helps MCTs stay up-to-date on the latest news, find jobs, connect with other MCTs around the world, and reach out to your MCT Regional Lead.

Explore all the benefits available to MCTs.

Requirements to become a MCT

The MCT program is for educators around the world who actively deliver training on Microsoft technologies. If you possess a qualifying certification and you are passionate about delivering training on Microsoft technologies, we encourage you to apply.

For detailed information regarding MCT program requirements, review the MCT Program Guide and MCT Program Agreement in the Application process section of this page.

MCT program entry requirements

  • Possess a current Microsoft Certification or qualification eligible for the MCT program. (See below for list of qualifying certifications.)
  • Demonstrate instructional skills verified by one of the following:
    • Instructional Skills Certification
      • CompTIA CTT+.
      • Essential Educate Trainer (internal Microsoft – certification).
      • Fourth Dimension Technologies, Inc.
      • Friesen Kaye and Associates.
      • Global Knowledge Instructional Skills Certification.
      • IAMCT Approved Technical Trainer (IAMCT ATT).
      • IPM (Institut für Personalberatung und Managemententwicklung).
      • Learning and Performance Institute Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA).
      • Learning Tree Train the Trainer Program.
      • Marcom Deli.
      • Microsoft Certified Trainer Instructional Skills Certification (MCT-ISC).
      • Microsoft Customer Service & Support (CSS) Trainer Certification.
      • Microsoft Core Training Skills.
      • New Horizons Instructional Skills Certification.
      • PrepMasters USA.
      • Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®) [For college staff or professors only].
      • Certified Virtual Educator [For college staff or professors only].
      • Sinerji Egitim


    • Provide reference supporting at least one year of instructional experience.

Note To renew your MCT status, you must meet the MCT program renewal requirements by your anniversary date.

Requirements to renew your MCT status

  • Possess a current Microsoft Certification or qualification eligible for the MCT program. (See below for list of qualifying certifications.)
  • Meet the minimum instruction requirement of teaching at least one class, as validated by Metrics that Matter (MTM) OR any other survey tool.

Note The renewal requirements are subject to change.

Current Microsoft Certifications and qualifications eligible for the MCT program

MCT Erdal Ozkaya

Microsoft Certifications

Application process

If you are interested in becoming an MCT, please review the MCT program guide and the MCT Program Agreement to understand the terms of membership.

The online application is available in the MCT enrollment tool. You’ll log in to the MCT enrollment tool with your personal Microsoft account associated with your Microsoft Certification ID (MCID).

Use the MCT enrollment tool to:

  • Review the MCT program requirements, and sign the MCT Program Guide and Agreement. Your electronic signature validates your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the MCT Agreement.
  • Update your profile information. The contact information that you provide is used for MCT communications.
  • Specify your employment status. If you are employed by a Learning Partner or a Microsoft Imagine Academy, you need your employer’s Learning Partner or Microsoft Imagine Academy ID number.
  • Select your payment method. Program fees vary, depending on your country/region and employment status. To find the MCT and MCT Alumni membership fees for your country/region, use the lookup tool at the end of the page.

If you are a Microsoft Office Specialist and do not have a Microsoft Certification ID (MCID), you can get one first by contacting [email protected].

MCT Alumni program

For more than two decades, MCTs have been at the forefront of Microsoft technology training and adoption. In recognition of their significant contributions, we offer the MCT Alumni program. This program is for all MCTs in good standing with Microsoft who no longer train as part of the MCT program and who desire to maintain their relationship with the MCT community.

Requirements for the MCT Alumni program:

  • Current or prior participation in the MCT program.
  • In good standing with Microsoft.

Program fees vary depending on your country/region and employment status. To find the MCT and MCT Alumni membership fees for your country/region, use the lookup tool at the end of the page.

MCT Alumni benefits

As an MCT Alumni member, you have exclusive access to the MCT Alumni content on your certification dashboard. You also have access to MCT Central, where you can find news, events, and a wide variety of resources tailored for MCT Alumni and where you have the opportunity to engage with the whole MCT community.

The MCT Alumni benefits include:

  • A discount on exams to help keep your certifications current and to facilitate re-entry into the MCT program.
  • Access to discounts on e-books and books that provide reference resources for exam preparation and professional development.

Apply to join the MCT Alumni program

If you are interested in becoming a member of the MCT Alumni, please review the MCT Alumni Program Agreement to understand the terms of membership.

MCT Alumni Program Agreement.

Apply online

Apply for MCT Alumni membership through the MCT enrollment tool.

Moving from MCT Alumni to MCT

MCT Alumni are welcome to rejoin the MCT program when they return to active training.

To return as an MCT:

  • Be sure that you meet the MCT program requirements described in the Requirements section of this page. Check your transcript against the current Microsoft Certifications and qualifications eligible for the MCT program.
  • Apply for entry to the MCT program. MCT Alumni can either provide proof of the instructional skills certification they obtained to support their prior application to the MCT program, or they can submit a reference validating at least one year of instructional experience. This reference can be from a former customer, manager, or colleague.

MCT and MCT Alumni program fees

Click here to find the annual MCT program fees and introductory MCT Alumni fees for your country/region.

MCT support

For assistance with your MCT application, payment, benefits, or if you have a general question about the MCT program, you can get support in our moderated forum for MCTs. For detailed information, visit: Certification support.

MCT 10 years Anniversary