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NATO International School of Azerbaijan

NATO International School of Azerbaijan

We delivered Cybersecurity 101 Session for NATO International School of Azerbaijan (NISA) students, the links are bellow feel free to watch 


NATO International School of Azerbaijan (NISA) is a Baku-based institution that organizes public events and professional trainings to raise awareness on Euro-Atlantic security and integration. Since its inception in 2003, NISA has set up numerous round-table discussions, forums, senior conferences, summer and winter sessions, regional trainings in order to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences. NISA events are concentrated on engaging mainly two types of audiences varying from students and young scholars, who are interested in international security, to government officials, whose primary responsibilities are directly or indirectly linked to peace and security in the region.

Today NISA serves as an active and productive forum on regional security issues and its alumni varies from Azerbaijan to EAPC countries, as well as representatives of Mediterranean Dialogue, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and other Partnerships. So far, around 150 speakers from more than 20 countries have delivered speeches on NISA panels. During the last decade, more than 800 participants from 40 countries have benefited from these sessions.

The upcoming Winter Session organized by NATO International School of Azerbaijan (NISA) aims at discussing fundamental issues related to cyber security, analyzing case-studies, respective strategies and policies. The Session will seek to assess the role of international law in regulation of cyber domain, including prevention and punishment of cyber crimes and other illegal activities. The discussions will also include cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cyber defense, critical infrastructure protection, financial security, protection of citizens and their privacy, vulnerabilities of small countries to cyber threats and other related topics.

Cybersecurity 101 NATO Winter School Part 1

Cybersecurity 101 NATO Winter School Baku Part 2

Cybersecurity 101 NATO Winter School Baku Part 3 

Cybersecurity 101 NATO Winter School Baku Part 4

Cybersecurity 101 NATO Winter School Baku Part 5

Cybersecurity 101 NATO Winter School Baku Part 6

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NISA Internship Opportunity in Baku, Azerbaijan

NATO International School of Azerbaijan (NISA) is committed to function as a research, education and training center on Euro-Atlantic security and integration and further promote Euro-Atlantic values and ideas in academia and in a wider audience in the region at large. For more information please refer to

NISA is receiving applications to internships (unpaid) based in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Role and main responsibilities:

  • Assist in communication with partner institutions as well as concerned individuals
  • Participate in corresponding with conference/seminar/symposium participants and speakers
  • Help formulate agenda and training materials for various activities
  • Execute daily ad-hoc administrative functions

Required skills, education and experience:

  • Students at the 3rd and 4th years of their education or recent graduates
  • To be available for the upcoming summer period
  • Preferably educational background in political and security studies
  • Preferably past experience in organizing and implementation of international conferences

How to apply:

Please send your CV and short Cover Letter (150-200 words) to   [email protected]

NISA FaceBook