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Fighting against Cyber Crime : The importance of the fight

Cybercrime has been on the rise the last few years. Annually, an average of 1.5 million cyber-attacks are reported; 4000 every day and 170 every hour ("Cybercrime Statistics", 2017). The days to come seem to be becoming gloomier. Cyber attackers are devising new techniques and coming up with new tools each passing day. In 2016, it was estimated that [...]

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2018 has started great , my research journal has been published at the NATO Defense Against Terrorism Review Vol 9, You can download the Jornal right from the NATO Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism website Here is the URL www.coedat.nato.int/publication/datr/.../03-TheUseofSocial_MediaforTerrorism.pdf Enjoy reading Erdal

Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism

Third time in a row, what an honor, to receive an award certificate and NATO Medal for the work I enjoy doing. No words can explain my happiness, I am pumped, and I keep smiling every time when I look at my award certificate, a dream came through, helping organizations that exist to stop terrorism ...

Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism Award

This is the second time this year, that I was invited by NATO Excellence-Defense Against Terrorism (CEO DAT) to present in their invitation-only course. This time my session was about the "Terrorist Use of Cyberspace", I am proud of the great feedback which I have received as well as the Appreciation Certificate. Thank you CEO DAT , and here by [...]

NATO Center of Excellence Appreciation Award

Who is CEO DAT ? Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism (CEO DAT) is part of NATO . You can get more information about CEO DAT in their web page Welcome Letter On behalf of the COE-DAT team, I welcome you to our Centre where we focus our efforts on transforming NATO in the realm of counter-terrorism (CT). I would like [...]


I'm proud to be part of NATO CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE DEFENCE AGAINST TERRORISM & representing Turkey & Australia , my session agenda as below TERRORIST USE OF CYBER SPACE  (09-13 November 2015, Ankara-Turkey) Preventing Advanced Persistent Threats in CyberSpace Determining NATO's Cyber-Defense Policy Depending Upon Current Threats Improving Global Collaboration in [...]

Speaking at OSCE

Within the “Preventing and Countering Cybercrimes in Azerbaijan” Project, The OSCE Project Coordinator in Baku in partnership with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan is organizing a conference titled “National Security in the Information Age: Security Considerations of relying on ICTs”, and I am proud to be part of this conference