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Optimizing Cybersecurity Costs – Free Webinar by Microsoft Security 22

Optimizing Cybersecurity Costs

I have some great news for all of you. If you would you like how you can Optimizing your Cybersecurity Costs, then don’t miss the webinar by Microsoft, which I will deliver:

Do More with Less: C-suite practices for optimizing cybersecurity costs

The rapid digitalization of the global economy is witnessing an in-tandem evolution of cyber threats. Given that today’s adversaries resemble less the lone hacker and more sophisticated, well-funded institutions, enterprises must improve their defenses and risk management. How can you best protect your organization when inflationary pressures call for keeping security investments and expenses in check?​

Join our upcoming Security Hour webinar and hear from Global CISO Forum’s President, Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, as he shares proven tactics for shedding costs amid challenging times. These include, but aren’t limited to, improving operational efficiencies using AI and automation, minimizing losses with streamlined threat response, optimizing administration and deployment times, and vendor consolidation.​

When :18 November, and On Demand after that

Registration: Click here 

Key highlights:​

  • Understand how simplifying your security landscape can spur robust cost savings​
  • Discover how to build a security framework that aligns business priorities with spending​
  • Gain lessons on tracking the right metrics to strengthen your organization’s risk profile​
  • Get tips on articulating high-level solution benefits, threats, and trade-offs to your board​
  • Learn how you can effectively implement these cyber risk management practices today​

Register your interest to attend the live session or be notified when the video is available on-demand.

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Meet our speaker: