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CISO Workshop​ empower yourself -Soon 4 FREE

CISO Workshop​ empower yourself

I am proud to announce that I will be working with the Microsoft Security team to deliver my own CISO Workshop based on the field experience I gained during my career. The half day workshop will be delivered to Microsoft’s top Customers CISO’s globally,

CISO Workshop​

The CISO workshop can help your organization meet the dual security challenges of increasingly sophisticated attacks and protecting assets on a hybrid enterprise that now includes cloud platforms.​

Here are the modules which will be delivered:

  1. Current Security Landscape
  2. Setting up the Cybersecurity Program
  3. Security Risk Management
  4. Security Leadership
  5. Protecting your organization
  6. Reporting to the board

CISO Workshop​ for Microsoft Customers

The Microsoft version of the CISO Workshop will be delivered at Microsoft Technology Centres across the globally. If you are interested in the CISO workshop delivered by the CISO of Xcitium , our Regional Director reached out to your Account manager

CISO Workshop​ for Xcitium Customers

The Xcitium version of the workshop will be delivered online as well as in some hotels or partner locations. To find out more all you have to do is check the xcitum web site and reach out to your Xcitium account manager today to have one scheduled.​

CISO Workshop​ empower yourself

The first version of this workshop was designed to be delivered at Hack (Blackhat Middle East) conference in Saudi Arabia, and below is the info which was used back then (2021) The content has been updated to reflect all the changes happened within the year.


This session is all about what CISO’s need to be even more successful. It’s designed to help you understand the…

CISO Workshop
CISO Workshop

As you arrive at the Riyadh Front Exhibition Centre, you’ll see the venue has been seized by huge mechanical monsters and evil robots. A dark atmosphere pervades the halls, with sculptured lighting and sound effects bringing a post-apocalyptic atmosphere unlike any other infosec event you’ve been to before.

As you enter the halls, you’re met with a vast infosec exhibition, the largest in the region, with hundreds of vendors ranging from the world famous to niche startup-innovators having set up their stands – showing off their cutting-edge services and products.

People in their thousands spill out of six conference rooms – four of them host the briefings made famous at Black Hat, where headline security vulnerabilities are exploited, new tools demonstrated and breaking new intelligence about infosec shared.

An arsenal sits at the back of the halls, where developers share their open-source programs and tools to help sharpen your cybersecurity skills. Additionally, over three days, the region’s largest CTF feverously competes, with 300 teams battling for the top prize.

Tucked away is the Executive Summit, where many of the region’s top CISOs are given bespoke executive coaching by some of the world’s leading infosec thought leaders.

And a festival atmosphere can be felt in the dozens of social areas, including food trucks, entertainment acts, barbeques and video-game battles.

CISO Workshop​ for Microsoft Customers

The Chief Information Security Office (CISO) workshop contains a collection of security learnings, principles, and recommendations for modernizing security in your organization. This training workshop is a combination of experiences from Microsoft security teams and learnings from customers.

The CISO workshop can help your organization meet the dual security challenges of:

  • Increasingly sophisticated attacks
  • Protecting assets on a hybrid enterprise that now includes cloud platforms

The CISO workshop videos and PDF/PowerPoint download content are modular so you can jump to any section of interest or start at the beginning. The slides for each module are shared with a creative commons (with attribution) license to help your organization build effective security strategies.

The CISO workshop provides security program and strategy guidance for securing the ‘hybrid of everything’ technical estate (on-premises, multi-cloud, IoT, OT, etc.)

  • Module 1: Microsoft Cybersecurity Briefing: This module covers overviews on critical security hygiene, Microsoft cybersecurity reference architecture, cybersecurity resilience, Internet of Things (IoT), and operational tech.
  • Module 2: Security Management: Learn how to increase visibility and control over your hybrid enterprise estate with integrated guidance, automated policy enforcement, and monitoring.
  • Module 3: Identity and Zero Trust User Access: Learn how to advance zero trust with your identity and user access strategy to better protect corporate data inside and outside your network perimeter
  • Module 4a: Threat Protection Strategy, Part I: Explore key learnings about threat protection, security evolution, strategies, and security road maps.
  • Module 4b: Threat Protection Strategy, Part II: This module reviews the evolution and trajectory of the Security Operations Centers (SOC), powered by the trillions of signals in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.
  • Module 5: Information Protection: Learn how to protect sensitive information wherever it goes with automatic classification, persistent encryption across devices, and continuous monitoring of data across mobile devices, cloud services, and other corporate assets.
  • What training does a CISO need?
  • What are the 5 main needs of a CISO?
  • What does a CISO do day to day?


CISO Workshop

CISO Workshop​ empower yourself

CISO Workshop​ for Xcitium Customers

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