Security and Risk Management Web Summit and Global Future Security Leaders Awards 2020

Security and Risk Management Dr Erdal Ozkaya

The Security and Risk Management WebSummit and Global Future Security Leaders Awards 2020

I am proud to announce  that I will be  Moderating the ‘Workforce Security Panel’ with some great Security L:eaders acors the region …

When :14-07-2020

Register here :

Security and Risk Management
Security and Risk Management

Why this WebSummit?

Today, the battlefield has extended beyond the traditional boundaries. Speakers and demonstrations in this session will show organizations;-

  • How to spot common phishing attacks
  • How to raise their awareness of spoofing and other techniques
  • How to ensure that each worker understands the basics of good IT hygiene
  • How different vendor genres can help business upgrade their existing architecture
  • Developing a in-depth know-how of securing the endpoints
  • Key remote security take-aways for deploying the correct tools
  • For more evets :

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