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Superhero Technology Awards 2020

 Superhero Technology Award Winner For 2020 (Middle East)

As a proud Global Super Hero CISO award winner, its going to be my pleasure to speak at the Middle East version of the Technology Summit and Awards  event.

When : 18th of July 2020

Registration : Click Here


Covid-19 Superhero Technology Awards 2020

Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected 5 million+ people but also made 300 thousand + its victim. Along with the human loss and psychological scars, this has brought down the global business to a grinding halt. And, there is no sign of abatement of the situation though people are ready to live with it allowing businesses and countries to limp back to normalcy.


2:00 pm Welcome Speech by Editor, Enterprise IT MEA
2:05 pm Speech by Chief Guest
2:10 pm Keynote Presentation (Platinum Sponsor) : COVID-19 Impact on Middle East & Africa
2:20 pm Keynote Presentation – Digital Strategy in the era of WFH
2:30 pm Panel Discussion – Restarting Economy and Reimagining Strategy
2:50 pm Keynote Presentation – AI, RPA & Automation
3:00 pm Panel Discussion – “New Normal and Future Workforce”
3:20 pm Keynote Presentation – Business Continue and Technology
3:30 pm Panel Discussion – Creating Cyber Defence and Resilience with Zero Trust Architecture
3:50 pm Entertainment & Lucky Draw
4:00 pm Awards Introduction
4:05 pm Leadership Awards – Part 1
4:30 pm Entertainment & Lucky Draw
4:40 pm Project Awards – Part 2
5:00 pm OEM Awards – Part 3
5:30 pm Thanking Note

Dr Erdal Ozkaya’s awards;

Covid19 Superhero Technology Summit & Awards

Covid19 has clearly made its way into the smallest hamlets of India after affecting close to 9 million people and devoured more than 400 thousand people globally. Along with crating indelible scar on the minds of people, it has paralyzed the financial and industrial growth. It has brough in a distrust among each other.
In this, situation respective governments had imposed restriction on the movement of citizens and services barring the essential services. It was far more difficult for people to survive. It continued for two months but during this period, there were partners and OEMs who supported each other to support their end customers