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Book Review by Government Technology

Book Review: Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies This second edition book provides a great cybersecurity overview for technology and security professionals as well as a needed comprehensive guide for new cyber pros entering the security field. BY DAN LOHRMANN / APRIL 25, 2020 As published at Government Technology  I am often asked to recommend a book that does a good (or great) job at [...]

Does Apple spy’s on your iPhone? Gartner / Microsoft Feedback

I am sure most of you read by now my article "Apple and Privacy ", for the ones who did not I highly recommend to read it,( here is the link ) below are some public feedback which I have received via LinkedIn from Gartner, Microsoft, Australian Government employees. I will also share some of the feedbacks which I [...]


I'm proud to be part of NATO CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE DEFENCE AGAINST TERRORISM & representing Turkey & Australia , my session agenda as below TERRORIST USE OF CYBER SPACE  (09-13 November 2015, Ankara-Turkey) Preventing Advanced Persistent Threats in CyberSpace Determining NATO's Cyber-Defense Policy Depending Upon Current Threats Improving Global Collaboration in [...]