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Does Apple spy on your iPhone? Feedback from Gartner / Microsoft (2019)

Does Apple spy ? I am sure most of you read by now my article "Apple and Privacy ", for the ones who did not I highly recommend to read it,( here is the link ) below are some public feedback which I have received via LinkedIn from Gartner, Microsoft, Australian Government employees. I will also share some of the [...]

Outlook keeps asking for a password

Outlook keeps asking for a password? The FREE fix you are waiting 4

Outlook keeps asking for a password If you care about your Security, then you need to take an extra step and tun on two-step verification in your account. (If you don't know how, please check this link below this article) Multi-Factor Authentication* (MFA) in your Outlook.com /Hotmail / MSN etc accounts. This will ensure that, to have an extra layer [...]

Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch -2018

Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch Since Nike Band was released on February 22, 2012, I am connected to my Health gadgets. After Nike I moved to Fitbit, then in later 2013 back to Samsung with the original Galaxy Gear watch. After that, I had all the versions of Microsoft Band and when they were discontinued I moved back to Samsung [...]

Mobile App’s of ErdalOzkaya.com

Mobile App's of ErdalOzkaya.com Do you own an Apple iPhone, iPad? Or Google's Android Mobile O/S in your phone or tablet? Or a Microsoft Client O/S, Windows Phone? And do you also keep an eye in my blog? If you answer one of this question as yes, you can enjoy my blog where ever you are, in your mobile device, laptop [...]