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Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch -2018

Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch

Since Nike Band was released on February 22, 2012, I am connected to my Health gadgets. After Nike I moved to Fitbit, then in later 2013 back to Samsung with the original Galaxy Gear watch. After that, I had all the versions of Microsoft Band and when they were discontinued I moved back to Samsung with the Gear 3 in November 2016.

The reason why I shared the history of my “smart / health watch” collection is to make it clear from the beginning, I am not new to those gadgets and after using Samsung Gear S3 for nearly 15 months why I decided to move to Apple Watch and as a result to Apple iPhone. Yes, you read it correctly, I moved from Samsung to Apple because of the watch. And the reasons why not Samsung Watch and why Apple! Let’s starts

Samsung Watch Review

A bit smaller then Samsung Gear S3 and that’s it. Whatever I wrote to Samsung Gear S3 can be applied to the “new” Samsung watch. Even though it comes in two sizes, the 46 cm one is which has more battery life but again, I really don’t see much difference compared the S3, besides the size. Still app issues, and still feels like something is missing in the watch. Except for the name not much has changed in terms of functionality.

The only reason why you choose the Samsung watch should be, you have a Samsung phone. Apple is way ahead of smartwatch wars, and Samsung has to do a lot to catch up.

Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch

Why Samsung

  • Samsung Watch looks like a real watch, where Apple Watch is not
  • The bezel is easier to use compared to the Crown in the Apple Watch
  • Samsung has a better battery life

Why Apple Watch 

  • Except which is mentioned above everything else is better in Apple Watch
  • Better Apps
  • Better connectivity
  • Full water resistant, feel free to swim with it
  • Heart Rate tracker has a medical grade
  • Lighter and it comes in much more design options
  • Better speaker
  • Larger Screen
  • Much better Fitness support, especially in the Nike edition.


Apple is way ahead of the watch business. Samsung needs to work hard, listen to feedback and apply the feedback. Even Apple Watch 3 is even a better watch then Samsung watch, as a result I am moving from Samsung to Apple. Yes , the watch was the main reason. The other reason is Samsung’s way to slow patch cycle. If you care about your Security then Apple is also better, and finally Bixy , the [email protected]#$%^ Samsung game-ending service which I can not tolerate.

Back to the watch comparison :

Apple Watch 4.5 out of 5

Samsung Watch 3 out of 5

With out any fear, Apple is the clear winner. Bare in mind , I was a Big Samsung fan until very recent ,and please do not forget that I still don’t like how Apple is doing some things , but compared to Samsung Apple is better choice for me, and yes I know Samsung is still a big supplier of Samsung but this is not the point.

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