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History of Windows from MS Dos to Windows 11

History of Windows from MS Dos to Windows 10 Windows History Highlights from the first 46 years of Windows 1975–1981: Microsoft boots up Getting started: Microsoft co-founders Paul Allen (left) and Bill Gates It’s the 1970s. At work, we rely on typewriters. If we need to copy a document, we likely use a mimeograph or carbon paper. Few have heard of microcomputers, but [...]

Windows 10 H2 Update – get it now

Windows 10 H2 Update Update  as 19 November , thank you for reaching out and notifying me the images are missing... I will upload them ASAP. Erdal Windows 10 October 2020 Update Or in other words the 20H2 update ( 19042.572 ) is focusing more on bug fixes and performance updates, but as like in every update it brings some new [...]

Time to patch Windows

Time to patch Windows (July 2019 updates)

Time to patch Windows Microsoft has just released today (10 July 2019) new patches, and here is what you need to know : Microsoft has released 1 advisories, 1 servicing stack update, and 77 updates to vulnerabilities, which 15 of these updates are classified as Critical.  Microsoft has fixed two actively exploited Zero Day vulnerabilities that could allow programs to run with [...]

NEW Security baseline for Windows 2019

The NEW Security baseline for Windows While I was still a Full-Time Employee at Microsoft I was fully aware of this “new baseline” recommendations, but I was waiting for the final announcement which came yesterday from my good friend Aaron Margosis, Here is the new security configuration baseline settings for Windows 10 and Windows Server (version 1903) Please note that the new [...]

Security Exploit

New Windows 10 Security Exploit Can Read All Your Files – What You Need To Know

New Windows 10 Security Exploit A security researcher with a history of releasing zero-day exploits for the Windows operating system has struck again; this time just days after the latest Patch Tuesday security updates were rolled out. Which means that it’s unlikely there will be a fix for Windows 10 users until June 11 at the earliest. So what did [...]

How to enable Windows 10 “God” Mode

Windows 10 "God" Mode Enabled  I am not sure if you are aware of Windows 7 GOD MODE, I had an article in my old blog, but today I have just noticed that the original blog post which was written in December 2009 is missing, So below are the steps on how can you enable GOD MODE in Windows 10! What [...]

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Erdal Ozkaya in the News

In the news in Croatia – 2018

In the news in Croatia I used Bing Translate to understand it , in summary the news article features my upcoming session in Croatia Security - moderni načini autentikacije Sigurnost i autentikacija su problemi s kojima se čovječanstvo susreće još od prvih, neautomatiziranih sustava razmjene podataka Blaž Jurišićčetvrtak, 19. travnja 2018. u 13:20 U dalekoj prošlosti, važne osobe poput kraljeva imale su svoj pečat [...]

MSIgnite Feedback

Halt Hackers Does those tricks works on Windows 10

Halt Hackers : Does those tricks works on Windows 10 More than 2000 attendees were in the session and the feedback is tremendous , our Demos, our first time seen Windows 10 recommendations get the attention of the attendees in Orlando and they have ratet us to be one of the best sessions of Microsoft Ignite The feedback in Twitter and [...]

Julia White recommends

Julia White recommends Us ( Microsoft Ignite 2017)

Julia White recommends Us As you know Microsoft Ignite is again around the corner , and this year I will be presenting again with my very g0od friend, Microsoft MVP, Raymond Comvalius , as the past 6 years ;) What makes this year even more special is that, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Julia White did mention our session as must attend [...]

Free ebook Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets

Free ebook Windows 10 IT Pro Introduction This ebook is for anyone whose responsibilities include training people to use Windows 10. That group includes full-time professional trainers, of course, but it also includes IT pros and those brave souls who staff the help desk in corporations. Most of all, it includes the incredibly large population of people who have earned a reputation [...]