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Windows 10 H2 Update – get it now

Windows 10 H2 Update

Update  as 19 November , thank you for reaching out and notifying me the images are missing… I will upload them ASAP. Erdal

Windows 10 October 2020 Update

Or in other words the 20H2 update ( 19042.572 ) is focusing more on bug fixes and performance updates, but as like in every update it brings some new features.

How to get the update?

Before we go even in to details, if you want to download the new update straight away and you font see it in Windows Update section, all what you have to do is , click in the below link and download the update assistance , which will bypass the windows update and download the new update straight away

Figure 1: No windows Update to my Surface Pro 3

Once the download starts, windows will notify you :

Figure 2: Downloading Windows Update Assistance

What has changed in Windows H2:

  • There is no more System Control Panel, you could open system control panel in earlier windows version as the below screen shot, which is now history :

Figure 3: No more System Control Panel


Which is not the case anymore, instead you will be diverted to “about “page

Figure 4: The new about page


I am sure you have noticed that the “system” option is still available in the short cuts even with after you install the H2 update. System means now “about Windows” !


PS : This step from Microsoft reminds me that how they want to remove control panel, but this time slowly, and not like in Windows 8 Strat button experience ( for the ones they forgot, Windows 8 did not had the classic Start button )


  • Finally IE and the old Edge are not the default browsers in this update, you will have Microsoft Chromium based Edge as the default browser, so no need to download the browser separately after upgrading to the new Windows anymore
  • Access to Samsung Android App’s straight from your PC;

This is a huge add on to the “Your Phone” app, if you have one of the newer Samsung Phones now you will be able run your android apps’ straight from your Windows 10

Figure 5: The new Windows Your Phone screen


If you are using Apple Iphone , you will need to download Microsoft Edge from the Apple App Store,

Figure 6 : Microsoft Edge in App in the Apple App store

Once you download the app you will be able to see it in your phone as Figure 7, open the app and

  • Improved Multi-tasking options under settings
  • Pinning your favorite web site , to find it easier and not get lost if you like to work with multiple tabs open in your browser


All what you have to do so is :

Alt + Tab = The quick way to access your apps and web tabs. With this handy keyboard shortcut not only can you easily access the apps you have open on your desktop, but now you can also access your open tabs in Microsoft Edge.

  • All the tabs you were looking for. If you’re someone who likes the convenience of pinning your favorite websites to the taskbar, you’re going to love this new feature. Now when you hover over the website icon, you’ll see all the open tabs of that site.
  • Advanced Refresh rate settings
  • Automatic tablet mode
  • Notification enhancements: Windows 10’s notifications now include an application logo so you can easily see which application generated them and an “x” button so you can quickly dismiss them.
  • Default taskbar icon tweaks: In a minor change, Windows 10 will adjust the default taskbar icon layout depending on what you use your PC for. If you link an Android phone during setup, you’ll see a Your Phone icon on the taskbar. If you have an Xbox Live account and you’re using a gaming PC, you’ll see an Xbox icon on the taskbar. You can still add or remove whatever icons you like.
  • Modern Device Management (MDM) improvements: For IT professionals administering multiple devices, Microsoft is extending Modern Device Management policy with new “Local Users and Groups” settings that matches the options available for devices managed through Group Policy.


Windows Education and Enterpise improvements

Simpler device management. Mobile Device Management (MDM)1 now includes a Local Users and Groups policy that gives administrators the same options as on-premises Group Policy.

More secure biometric sign on. With enhanced sign-in security2, Windows Hello3 now offers added support for virtualization-based security for certain fingerprint and face sensors, which protects, isolates and secures a user’s biometric authentication data.

Stronger app protection. Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG)4 now helps protect Microsoft 3655 as well as Microsoft Edge with a unique hardware isolation strategy. WDAG keeps enterprise data protected by opening sites and Office files from untrusted sources in a virtualized container.

Personalized tab page in the new Microsoft Edge. IT administrators can help employees, students and teachers personalize their new tab page with Microsoft 3655. Now, people can access their files and favorite Microsoft 365 apps more quickly just by opening a new tab in their browser. To learn more about what this update means for IT Pros, visit this blog post.

We continue to believe that Windows is the most powerful, productive and secure place for each of us to do our best work, to have fun, learn and connect. We are excited to share the latest features coming as part of the Windows 10 October 2020 Update. We also want to say a big thank you to our community of Windows Insiders who have provided important feedback throughout the development process for this update.

1 Requires Azure AD or Microsoft 365. Sold separately. Learn more about Mobile Device Management,

2 Enhanced sign-in security requires specialized hardware and software components that can be leveraged starting on devices shipping with Windows 10 October 2020 Update configured out of factory. Documentation will be available later this year.

3 For Windows Hello with biometrics specialized hardware, a fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor, or other biometric sensor is required. Hardware-based protection of the Windows Hello credential/keys requires TPM 1.2 or greater. If no TPM exists or is configured, credentials/keys protection will be software-based. Requires TPM 1.2 or greater for TPM based key protection.

4 For Windows 10 Enterprise only.

5 Requires Microsoft 365 E5 subscription; sold separately.

How to install the Windows Update Assistance

So if you eager to get the changes straight away all what you have to do is

Once you download it , double click the installation file and start the update

Once you click “Update Now” it the Windows Update Assistance will check you’re your CPU, Memory and Disk Space , if they are all OK , you can go click next

Once you “click next” the update assistance will disappear with out any notice ( at least in my experience) , it made me wonder if the “download” was happeining , for that I checked my PC’s connections and saw that everything was going OK as below,. So don’t worry 😊 like me 😉


I used the TCP View utility as well as Netstat command from CMD to verify the download process


After a while noticed the update assistance logo appeared also in my notification bar 😊

And few moment after , I had the message I was waiting for 😊

Even thought there not any manger major changes , I am enjoying on being the latest Windows…

I hope you will do too

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