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Windows Server 2016 Administration Fundamentals – Great resource

Windows Server 2016 Administration Fundamentals
Windows Server 2016 Administration Fundamentals
Windows Server 2016 Administration Fundamentals

Windows Server 2016 is the server operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, developed concurrently with Windows 10. This book is designed to get you started with Windows Server 2016. It will prepare you for your MTA 98-365 exam. With step-by-step instructions driven by targeted, easy-to-understand graphics, you will be able to understand the roles, features, functions, and quirks of Windows Server 2016.

The book begins with the basics of Windows Server 2016, which includes the installation process and basic configuration. You will then move on to roles and features such as Active Directory, Hyper-V, Remote Access, Storage, and Printer. With the help of real-world examples, you will get to grips with the fundamentals of Windows Server 2016, which will help you solve difficult tasks the easy way.


Later, the book also shows you maintenance and troubleshooting tasks, where with the help of best practices you will be able to manage Windows Server 2016 with ease. Each chapter ends with a questionnaire to ensure you make the best use of the content provided. By the end of this book, you will have the knowledge required to administer and manage Windows Server environments.

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Bekim Dauti professionally deals with computer technology, mainly with the administration of computer systems and networks, as well as vocational trainings in Cisco and Microsoft technologies. Bekim has a Bachelor’s from University of Tirana and a Master’s from UMUC Europe, both in Information Technology. Additionally, he holds several IT certifications from vendors like ECDL, MOS, CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems.

Bekim has contributed to 10+ computer books, and dozens of articles for PC World Albanian and CIO Albania. These days Bekim blogs on Bekim Dauti’s Blog, and vlogs on Bekim Dauti’s Vlog. Currently is working as system administrator at Kosovo Telecom JSC.

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