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Thank you 2017 – Wonderful year for me

Thank you 2017

I am looking forward for a successful 2018, happy new year



Microsoft Center of Excellence 

NATO Appreciation Award 

Turkish Airforce Appreciation Award 

Cyber Champion Award 

Cape Town University Appreciation award 

Global Cybersecurity research center award

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CISO50 and Future Security Awards 2020: winners revealed

Celebrating Security Leadership and Excellence

I am proud to announce that I have been awarded by (CPI Media)  as TOP 50 CISO in the Middle East and Africa Region. 

I am thankful to Security Advisor ME as well as everyone who helped me in this journey. Special thanks to all my coworkers at Standard Chartered Bank for their support and of the wonderful Cyber Community that I am part of , and of course a very special thank you to my wife Arzu , and wonderful kids Jemre and Azra, without their support I could only dream about this awards.

CISO 50 Security Leadership Erdal ozkaya


About the Award 

Now in its third year,’s CISO 50 Awards and Forum announced honour regional information security leaders who have fostered innovation and demonstrated leadership in their enterprises. CISO 50 Awards

The digital revolution is increasingly reshaping the world in more ways that we can imaging. However, as technology continues to become more integrated into our everyday lives, new unforeseen challenges are bound to occur.

One of the main challenges will be cybersecurity, with the global cost of cybercrime expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021, according to industry reports.

As a new decade kicks off, security leaders are at the forefront of addressing a new wave of threats and developing innovations that go beyond traditional security solutions.

With information security gaining serious traction in the business world, the role of today’s CISO is now more important than ever to protect the credibility, integrity and profitability of the business.’s CISO 50 Awards is recognising industry visionaries who have shown dedication and prowess in creating a cyber-secure world. The award is designed to celebrate the efforts of innovative and forward-thinking security leaders who have delivered real-world results for driving security transformation.

The CISO role has progressed into a mission-critical service that spans risk areas ranging from data protection to regulatory requirements for business continuity and compliance management. Today’s CISOs are tasked with striking the right balance between risk management and business objectives making them integral stakeholders of an organisation and rightfully so.

CISO50 and Future Security Awards 2020: winners revealed

As the world continues to navigate the challenges and changes brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many organsations are realising the need to accelerate their digital journeys. 

Over the last few months, businesses across multiple industries have fast-tracked their adoption of digital solutions. While this has presented numerous benefits for these organisations, it has also given threat actors the opportunity to exploit new vulnerabilities within IT systems. 

If it wasn’t clear before, it is becoming more apparent now more than ever that security is a key priority for businesses no matter their size, industry or where they are located. 

It is also becoming more evident that the role of security leaders – whether it be the enterprise CISOs and IT security teams or security vendors – are becoming more integral in enabling organisations to continue to thrive, while staying resilient in the current landscape. 

Trecognise the excellent leadership that CISOs and IT security innovators have demonstrated over the past year, and Security Advisor ME hosted the CISO 50 and Future Security Awards. 

The virtual awards ceremony celebrated individuals, businesses, and vendors that have successfully navigated today’s challenges and thrived through digital technologies and delivered ground-breaking value through innovative application of security technologies. 

The Awards welcomed organisations from across the Middle East. It acclaimed the best security minds and projects in the region whose technologies, products or solutions are deemed to have a great potential in meeting the needs of today’s new business normal. 

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CISO 50 and Future Security Awards

Dr. Erdal Ozkaya Standard Chartered Bank