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Zombies in Social Networks – Learn 4 FREE

Zombies in Social Networks at Ignite

I am glad to announce that my 4th session at Microsoft Ignite has been approved. More than 20000 people are going to be at the conference and I am looking forward to see YOU in Chicago or watch the session ONLINE later here in my blog

This is a session that everyone should watch! If you are a member of any Social Network web site then this session is for you. When I say Social Media, it does not just include Facebook, but also LinkedIn or any Social media web site that you can think of.

Did you say you are not a member of any Social Media web site? No problem, but what about your loved ones? Are they, do they share your photos or your common information, then guess what you are part of the network, so there is still something for you in this session

This session is built to show you the basics and let you understand how bad guys work on collecting information. If you listen to US then you can be more secure…

We have arrived in a time where social networks have become an essential part of our lives. People are spending a great deal of time to connect with organizations, businesses, and individuals all over the world. But there is a dark side to social networks!

How do you protect your business or yourself from zombies, bullies, hackers, scammers, stalkers and other cyber-criminals?

Zombies in Social Networks
Zombies in Social Networks

In this eye opening and sometime surprising journey we venture down the dark path into the very heart of Facebook and other platforms to discover how they really work, as well as offer tips, tricks, and practical advice on Social Networking Security.

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