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Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1Review

Dell Latitude Review

The first look :

It looks small and compact, touch screen , Windows 10, finger print reader , 2 in 1 capabilities seems attractive, price is OK so what else do you need , right ? WRONG

Yes, it looks nice, but there are many hidden major issues you might not notice during Product review online or in store.


First of all the location of the Power Button, Dell designers really need a proper design skill, I am really not sure which “smart designer (!)” placed the button in a location where it can be touched accidentally very easily. Yes, I know we can disable the power button but WHY? Why not locate it in a less annoying point?

The Finger Print reader is cheap and bad and useless. It does not work most of the time, updating the BIOS is not a solution, the build quality is really poor.

After spending some time with the laptop, the cheap plastic feeling will take even more attention, it really feels cheap and bad. Again Dell needs to hire proper designers!

WHY Dell Latitude?

Unless the corporate sales professional somehow convinces your IT department there is no way for me to say get Dell, or to give a good reason for you to buy Dell.

Years ago Dell Latitude used to be a good product. It was a showcase product line in my opinion. but today its a big disappointment for me.


If you remove the hood, underneath it has not a bad configuration at all. 8th generation Intel CPU, Decent RAM, decent display card would make this a good alternative but not with the cheap feeling which the “hood gives”. The only good thing will be the battery life..l

In summary, dell suffers big time with some usability issues. Where possible don’t buy it! There are much better Dell options which I might review in the future.

I really wonder how TechSpot, PC Mag, CNet gave 4 stars to this device. Sponsored for sure.

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