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4th New Media Conference – Fantastic opportunity to join for free

4th New Media Conference

I am proud to announce that I will be delivering the keynote in the 4th New Media Conference , by Istanbul Gelisim University , which will future AI & Cybersecurity and how Microsoft can help via Hürriyet (Turkish International Newspaper)

Below is the direct link to the newspaper – ( is in Turkish)

 İSTANBUL Gelişim Üniversitesi (İGÜ) Yeni Medya Bölümü tarafından 2015 yılından beri düzenlenen Uluslararası Yeni Medya Konferansı’nın bu yıl 4’üncüsü gerçekleşecek.

22-23 Kasım tarihleri arasında İGÜ mühendislik fakültesi, iktisadi idari sosyal bilimler fakültesi yeni medya bölümü ve güzel sanatlar fakültesi televizyon sinema bölümü ile ortaklaşa düzenleyeceği 4’üncü Uluslararası Yeni Medya Konferansı’nın ana teması ‘Yapay Zeka’ olarak belirlendi.

Yapay Zeka alanındaki gelişmeleri takip etmek ve akademik alana katkı sağlamak amacıyla düzenlenen konferansın açılış konuşmasını Microsoft Siber Güvenlik Danışmanı Dr. Erdal Özkaya yapacak. Konferansa yerli ve yabancı birçok bilim insanının katılması bekleniyor.

The 4th International New Media Conference with the theme of Istanbul Gelisim University Digital Transformation and Innovation ended. Faculty member of New Media Department Asst. Prof. Deniz Akçay who organized the conference stated that in the near future, artificial intelligence and robots can do the things that people can do routinely, and accordingly, people who can put forward innovative ideas in business life, apply them, add value with social skills will be preferred. Talking about the purpose of the conference Akçay said: “We are organizing this conference to follow developments in Digital Transformation and Innovation and to contribute to academic studies in the field.”

4th International New Media Conference
4th International New Media Conference


Prof. Dr. Olena Goroshko from the Harkiv Polytechnic Institute of Ukraine National Technical University in her opening speech, stated that a new communicative internet environment has emerged by social media and that mobile learning and student-centered experiential learning can be achieved through social media.

In the “Industrial Digital Conversion” panel of the conference Faculty member of Istanbul University Informatics Department Asst. Prof Elif Kartal in her presentation, discussed big data and big data analysis conceptually, and gave a lot of interesting examples from daily life regarding the use of big data.
Göker Sarp, the Coordinator of the Corporate Transformation Platform at the panel, presented his presentation titled “Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories” said that the main goal of Industry 4.0 are integration, automation and optimization, and the transition to the smart factory has involved quite a lot of technology, basic and complementary business practice. He also added that “Today, all of the utilization of the most basic business practices considered essential in the world, but 20% of the level of usage in Turkey at a relatively low level”.

Speaking at the panel on “Digital Transformation in Education, Schools and Universities of Future”, Professional coach Galip Kahveci talked about the importance of digital transformation in the education and training of generations and the analysis of behavior patterns of generations in this adaptation process.
Faculty member of Sinop University Asst. Prof. Zeynep Eren Uğurlu stated that the digital transformation in education requires structural and process changes and this is a holistic process which is not completed by going online. In her speech, Uğurlu stated that the factors such as value creation, imagination and creativity emerged in the community 5.0 industy 4.0 are included in community 5.0, and all segments of the society should receive quality education together with society 5.0.

At the conference, faculty member of Beykent University Asst. Prof. Merve Zeynep Sarıbek in her presentation on “Effects of Algorithms for Digital Journalism in Turkey” said that Google has become a monopolist in the field of search engines, and most visited website in Turkey is Sarıbek said that the Turkish reader use Google to reach the news and that Turkish digital media started to write news in accordance with Google’s algorithm.

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