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Keynote at Global CIO 200 – Great Event to join

Keynote at Global CIO 200

I am happy to announce that I am going to deliver the Opening Session  at the CIO 200 Road Show UAE Edition , It will start from 11:15 AM Dubai on 14th December .

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Global CIO Forum – Complete Solution

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2021 Cybersecurity Predictions

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About the event

The role of a CIO is one of the most criticalone in today’s business and industry. Today, CIOs hold the future of innovation, productivity and competitiveness in their hands. At the GLOBAL CIO FORUM, we not only provide our members with an exchange forum for best IT leadership strategies and practices to enhance business results, but we are also developing a strong voice to ensure that CIOs are represented at key industry and government decision tables. In other words: Integrate. Influence. Impact.


The GLOBAL CIO FORUM represents IT Executives and CIOs globally. Currently working in META region and with expansion plans globally, the GLOBAL CIO FORUM is a non-profit community of CIOs and IT leaders whose mission is to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and executive development, and to collaborate on issues faced by the CIOs/IT Executives.


The ultimate branding and solution showcase platform

At The CIO 200 Techtalk, we decided to take the ‘presentation’ factor a notch higher.

A call out to the technology vendors and solution providers! Bring your best solutions to the table for a 15 mins lively presentation. The first five minutes will be all yours to present how hard hitting your solutions are for the regional organizations and why you should be their ‘Go-to-partner’. The next 10 minutes, a jury of 4 CIOs (who come from 4 different sectors) would put forward their mindset and questions.

Isn’t that the platform you always needed? How we can make it better and customized?

Let us know your focus sectors/verticals for the quarter and we will create a blend of CIOs heading those sectors and put them in the panel for a live Q&A with you. Reaching out to the target audience just became more relevant.

Muster up your solutions and take up the ‘power panel’ and get prepared to answer some real time questions by the leading
CIOs of the country.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) definition

By WILL KENTON (Updated Jun 16, 2021)

What Is a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?
A chief information officer (CIO) is the company executive responsible for the management, implementation, and usability of information and computer technologies. Because technology is increasing and reshaping industries globally, the role of the CIO has increased in popularity and importance. The CIO analyzes how various technologies benefit the company or improve an existing business process and then integrates a system to realize that benefit or improvement.

Understanding Chief Information Officer (CIO)
The role of CIO has changed over the decades. In the 1980s, the position was more technical as companies maintained their internal computers, databases, and communications networks. In the 2010s, thanks to cloud computing, wireless communications, big-data analytics, and mobile devices, CIOs develop strategies and computer systems that keep businesses competitive in a fast-changing global marketplace.

One major responsibility of a contemporary CIO is to predict the future of computer technology trends that give a business an advantage over others. The day-to-day operations of maintaining a computer system generally fall on a person known as a chief operating officer of IT.

The number of CIOs has increased greatly with the expanded use of IT and computer technology in businesses. The CIO deals with matters such as creating a website that allows the company to reach more customers or integrating new inventory software to help better manage the use of inventory.


A CIO is a high-ranking executive responsible for managing and successfully implementing the information and computer technology systems of a company.

As technology becomes more sophisticated and expands globally, the role of a CIO has increased in popularity and importance.A CIO is typically required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a technology-related field.
A CIO must be agile, responding quickly to trends, changes, and the needs of the organization, its people, and those it serves.

CIO Qualifications
Businesses generally require that a CIO have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as computer science, computer information systems, IT management, or database administration. A master’s degree in business administration, coupled with a computer-based degree, can help a CIO run the business side of strategy, development, hiring, and budgeting.

Requirements for CIOs
CIOs must employ several hard and soft skills to excel at this job. CIOs need to know how to run a business because the job requires a lot of knowledge about how a company works from top to bottom. CIOs should also be aware of technology trends because IT may change in two to three years.

This type of person needs to build relationships within the company with other top-level executives and with colleagues in the field. A CIO must know how every department of a company works to determine the technical needs of each branch of the firm, and this person has to excel at communications. The ability to translate technical terms in ways that non-IT employees can easily understand is essential.