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Security in the EnterpriseIn this course, experts Simon May and Erdal Ozkaya take you through social media platforms to discover how they really work. Get tips and practical advice on social networking security, and explore methods of developing a secure baseline and how to harden your Windows Enterprise architectures and applications from pass-the-hash and other advanced attacks. Learn how [...]

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Keynote at Bahrain Cybersecurity event

Thank you very much Bahrain for inviting me to share my thoughts on how you can have better Cyber Future

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Guest Lecture at Middle East Technical University

Today I was invited as Guest lecturer together with Sukru Durma by Prof. Dr. Nazife Baykal as expert to share my Vision on Cyber Future as well as give advice to the younger generation. I am thankful for this opportunity

Ankara Cyber Meetup at DIFOSE

DIFOSE hosted today a Cybersecurity even where Sukru Durmaz, Hakan Ekizer and I spoke to Gazi University, Computer Engineering Group , final year students on how they can shape their careers better in this field. I love to be with the younger generation. Thank you DIFOSE for hosting this event and inviting me


I'm proud to be part of NATO CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE DEFENCE AGAINST TERRORISM & representing Turkey & Australia , my session agenda as below TERRORIST USE OF CYBER SPACE  (09-13 November 2015, Ankara-Turkey) Preventing Advanced Persistent Threats in CyberSpace Determining NATO's Cyber-Defense Policy Depending Upon Current Threats Improving Global Collaboration in [...]

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