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I will speaking at the Asian Customer Privacy and Data Protection Summit... It is no overstatement to say that 2019 saw a torrid pace of development of Asia-Pacific region data protection and cybersecurity laws. The European Union's introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (the "GDPR") in 2018 continues to force a reassessment of the fitness for purpose of existing [...]

Does Apple spy’s on your iPhone? Gartner / Microsoft Feedback

I am sure most of you read by now my article "Apple and Privacy ", for the ones who did not I highly recommend to read it,( here is the link ) below are some public feedback which I have received via LinkedIn from Gartner, Microsoft, Australian Government employees. I will also share some of the feedbacks which I [...]

Apple and Privacy

Does really Apple cares about your privacy, as they advertise heavily or is this what they want us to believe? Compared to Google and Facebook they are by far better in terms of privacy as of today! But are they really angels? Or do they still collect lots of information by default and if they do, what can you [...]

New Book : Security and Privacy In Communication Network

I am proud to announce an Academic book which I have contributed as researcher / Co author… The book " Security and Privacy In Communication Network" is just being published from Springer Cybersecurity Privacy