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Worldwide Communities – SME 2019 by Microsoft

Worldwide Communities Microsoft

As you know I love to be part of the communities. I always try to teach my kids that sharing is caring, and of course I apply this motto in my life as well.

Way before I joined Microsoft as Full Time Employee, I used to have a community in Australia which was called Better Together, it was one of the biggest User Groups in the Asia Pacific Region, which helped me to get the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for many many years,

Like last year, this year as bell, Microsoft has issued me the the SME 2019 Community Badge, for my contributions to our internal communities, I am proud to have this achivment second time in a row, Thank you Microsoft


About the Award

Earners of this badge have been recognized as a Community Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Microsoft Worldwide Communities program. In this position, earners have demonstrated a willingness to share their knowledge with the community by answering questions, presenting on calls and events, developing resources for the community, and/or mentoring others. These earners have the expertise and dedication needed to excel at Microsoft.

Earning Criteria

  • Must be a Microsoft employee
  • Recognized as a Community Subject Matter Expert in the Microsoft Worldwide Communities program
  • Approved by Community Lead

Demonstrated Skills

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