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IDC Turkiye Security Summit 2020 Digital Free Event

IDC Turkiye Security Summit 2020 Digital Event

I am happy to announce that I will be presenting the Keynote at the IDC Turkiye Security Summit “Building Culture of Innovation in the Age of Cybercrime” 

When : 22 October 2020

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Digital transformation is becoming an absolute necessity, with the changing nature of the customer and greater demands for agility of enterprises. IT security is a hot topic from boardrooms to datacenters, but as much as everyone thinks they have answers, nobody has THE answer.

Threats are evolving as quickly as businesses digital transform their operations. Enterprises must consequently adopt layered, adaptive security measures to address every stage of the modern information security kill chain, from early detection to exploitation management and remediation.

New technologies, techniques, and skills will be required to present a robust defense against well-equipped and highly motivated threat actors. Breaches are constantly being identified, and disclosed and IT security professionals are always working hard to manage risk. Moreover, there is an ever-growing need for security strategies to comply with regulations as well as internal and external governance structures, all while intelligent adversaries look for ways to abuse or exploit the complex IT systems that keep things running.

In Turkey, organizations have been increasing their efforts to improve IT security awareness over the past years. However, IT security complexity remains a challenge for organizations as they try to achieve a balance between existing and new technology deployments and the ever-evolving and malicious threat landscape. Due to these complexities, most security personnel have difficulties with meeting security needs in the face of scarce resources and highly dynamic IT architectures.

Turkish IT leaders must address how they can sustain security as a business enabler and ensure that their operations remain secure at the same time. The IDC Turkiye Security Summit 2020 will cover these all topics and please join us to discuss many other of today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges with many leading CISO’s from different sectors.

Key Discussion Areas:

  • The CISO of the future – innovator, enabler, board member
  • Soft Skills Needed for CIO to CSO Communication
  • Importance of incidence response: plan, exercises, communication
  • Security analytics, automation and advanced attack detection
  • Risks and opportunities of emerging technologies: smart machines, AI, IoT and OT
  • Data governance, data security and risk governance
  • State of the art in cloud security
  • Next generation of SOC
  • Data protection beyond May 2018 – what comes after GDPR (KVKK)?
  • Behavioral Analysis, Risk Scoring on Social Networks
IDC Turkiye Security Summit
IDC Turkiye Security Summit

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