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MMS 2012

MMS 2012 Dr Ozkaya

Speaking in front of 5300 attendees at the sold-out Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) here at the Venetian in Las Vegas and getting again very feedback, makes me thank God and everyone who spend time to share their thoughts.


Microsoft Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson and I recommended similar things ūüôā ” In his keynote, Anderson said, “Cloud computing gives IT professionals an opportunity to increase their strategic value to their businesses while building new skills “. In my session, I recommend the attendees similar things, like seeing the FUTURE is going to be Virtual and in the Cloud:

This is Las Vegas, usually what happens here has to stay here , but not if you are in a mission like us. We gladly share what we see for the future and we want you to get ready for that before its late FOR YOU and your Organization

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